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B.A. - Queens College - English Literature 1976
          concentration in literature and  languages, medieval studies

Columbia University - Graduate Work in English and Comparative Literature 1979-81
Medieval Literature

M.F.A. -  Emerson College - Creative Writing - 1990
Poetry,  Fiction, Translation, Screenwriting, Teaching Composition


Freelance writer, translator, editor 1975-present                                                        
Have published fiction, poetry and translations in collections,
anthologies and journals
Commercial editing  and translating

April 1987    University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Arkansas
Taught week-long graduate creative writing workshop in literary

Private Tutor - 1995-present
tutor English and foreign languages

1978-1980    Universidad de Trabajadores, New York, NY
Taught English as a Second Language to Latin Americans (part-time).

1974-present   Worked at administrative positions in higher education. 




For Love of Laura: Poetry of Petrarch , (University of Arkansas Press, Fayetteville), 1987,
A collection of Petrarch's poetry in translation,
(VISIT MY PETRARCH FOREVER WEBSITE , which contains some of the translations.)


“Seduction”, “Parenthood” to appear in Light Quarterly.

"Like Migrant Birds," The Lyric 85, 84, 2005.

"Projector", "That Feeling of Impending Doom", "Superheart", 150 Contemporary Sonnets , p. 119-121, (University of Evansville Press, 2005).

"The Author of My Fate" in Iambs and Trochees, IV I, 24, 2005.

"The Writing on the Wall" "Ghost Song in The Formalist 15   2, pp. 52, 97, 2004

"The Ultimate Bureaucrat" "That Feeling of Impending Doom" "No Apparent Dragons" "Superheart" in The Formalist 142 , pp. 47, 61, 86, 98, 121, 2003.

"Embarking" "Parallel Universe", "Fred and Ginger" in The Formalist  13, 2, pp. 30, 54, 78,  2002.
Read  "PARALLEL UNIVERSE"  in this issue.

"Projector" "The Death of Stars" in The Formalist  12 , 2,  pp. 15, 80, 2001.

"Pilgrim"  in The Formalist 11, 2,  pp. 119, 2000.

"Eurydice" in The Formalist 5, 1  p. 80, 1994.

"Like the Quiet Cloistered Monks of Old" "Remember Me" "One Doesn't Die" in Starlight Poets 2:  Sonnets, (Starlight Press, Long Island City, NY) pp. 31-33, 1992.

"One Doesn't Die" "Rondeau", The Lyric 67,  2,  p. 29, 1987.

"Transformation", The Lyric 63, 3, p. 62, 1983.

"Ballad" The Lyric 63 , 1,  p. 3, 1983.

"Eurydice", "The Minstrel in the Market", The Lyric 61, 4,  p. 91, 1981.

"A Gulf as Terrible as Styx", " Within the Sunlit Grove", The Lyric 61, 2,  p. 33, 1981

"Pilgrim", "A Fallen Angel",  The Lyric 61, 1,  p. 3, 1981.

"Revelation" Nit and Wit 3, 1,  p.  32, 1981. 


“Ballade of the Hanged” by François Villon to appear in Writing Metrical Poetry by William Baer,  F&W Publishers, Cincinnati.

“His Mother’s Prayer to Our Lady” by François Villon, to appear in Iambs and Trochees.

“Ah Pilgrims, Who Go by in Pensive Guise, by Dante,  to appear in Iambs and Trochees.

"Nealce" by Petronius Arbiter, to appear in Blue Unicorn.

Petrach's Sonnet 2 and 20 to appear in Petrarch in English (Penguin) 2005.

"Ballad of the Hanged" by François Villon, in Crisis Magazine, June 2003.
Read "BALLAD OF THE HANGED" in this issue.

"Ever Since the Time Love Sent My Way" by Louise Labé,  in The Formalist  13, 2, p 94, 2002.

"Ballad of the Hanged" by François Villon  in The Formalist 11, 2, 66, 2000.

Petrarch’s Sonnet  159 in The Poetry Dictionary by John Drury,  (Story Press), 1995.

"Like a Deer" by Pierre de Ronsard, The Formalist 4, 2,  p. 51, 1993.

"Autumn" by Rainer Maria Rilke, The Formalist 3, 1,  p 22,  1992.

"My Lady Seems So Fine and Full of Grace" by Dante, The Formalist 3, 1,  p.  73, 110, 1992.

"The Cracked Bell" by Charles Baudelaire,  The Formalist 3, 1,  p.  110, 1992.

"Quatrain" by François Villon, The Formalist , 2 1, 14,  1991.

"The Likeness Was Predicted Once to Me" by Louise Labé,    The Formalist , 2 1, .32, 1991.

"As Soon as I have Gone to Take My Rest" "If Upon That Fair Breast I Might Lie" "While My Eyes Can Shed Another Tear" by Louise Labé, in Translation 18, Spring  pp.  328-330, 1987.

Translations of  madrigal "With No More Pleasure Did Her Lover Sigh" by Petrarch and a thirteenth-century anonymous sonnet "Alas All for a Sparrowhawk I Sigh" in Poems from Italy ,W. J. Smith and D. Gioia, eds., (New Rivers Press, Saint Paul),  pp. 47, 157, 1985.


"Prelude," Writer's Forum 13,  197, 1985.


Finalist in Willis Barnstone Translation Competition, 2005

Finalist in Howard Nemerov Sonnet Award Competition, 2004

Finalist in Howard Nemerov Sonnet Award Competition, 2003

Howard Nemerov Sonnet Award, 2002
for POEM " EMBARKING "  published by  The Formalist 13, 2, p. 30, 2002


Good conversational and reading knowledge of French, Italian, Spanish
Reading knowledge of German, Latin
Medieval Romance Languages (French, Italian, Provençal), Old English, Middle English





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